SAB 6.2.2. MAC - is there a way to get images scalable in HTML books?

Below the code of an inserted image in an additional HTML book we made. Is there a way to edit the code so that the image can be scaled in the APP?

<p class=“p47”.><img src=“66-tWǝⱨ (Cyril)-images/img-cyr-revelation-graphic1.jpg” alt="img-pin-revelation-graphic1.jpg’>

@joop is what shows, really your HTML? If it is I can see about 5 errors in the HTML.

  1. If it is me then I would always make the HTML, XML compliant.
  • There is no closing <\p> but maybe you just did not copy that.
  • There is a period before the end of the first element.
  • The double quotes should not be smart quotes
  • The alt attribute starts with a straight double quote (the correct symbol) and ends with with a single smart quote.
  • The img element is not ended with a />
  1. I’d never use () in a path. It may cause issues.
  2. The 66-tW is followed by two characters that could cause issues. The schwa and the h with descender on the final leg.

I don’t know if any of those errors were induced by copying and pasting. If the markup is ike shown then fix those issues and see if there is a change.


I am not sure if you can read this code …
Your write: * The img element is not ended with a />
Can you tell me where I should insert it …?
But after all … if I have done all that, will the image be scalable in a HTML book at all?

Hi Joop,

After doing some looking here it seems that images in HTML books do not scale with the text - they are displayed as-is and the text can grow and shrink around them but they stay the same on the page.

You can see in this example of one of my apps where I’m using HTML as source, the text grows and shrinks while the images stay the same.

That seems to be the behavior that is currently available for smaller images.

If you want images in the text to take up the width of the screen no matter what the text size is, I think putting a larger image in there is the way to go - SAB doesn’t let the image overflow so automatically sizes down the images. I am experimenting and getting constant fullwidth display with a 990 × 1346 pic.
Try that and see if you don’t get something closer to what you want.

I think you say that HTML books in SAB do not let you jump to a 2nd screen for the image alone where you can scale the image like you want and after that go back to the full text with the images.
Because this simply is the way it is, you suggest a 2nd method which I probably do to fully understand.

  • Is the 2nd image a table or is it an image OF a table?
  • if it is only image (also the text), then in the original table of which you made the image, you simply enlarged the text?
  • I can manipulate pixel size in Illustrator and I have images with higher pixel then what you mention, but still they do not scale in SAB …
  • I consider simply going back from image to normal table in Word and the export as HTML and then change pts to px … also that is not too much work …

Both those images are screenshots of my html pages with images - they happen to be tables but the important thing is just how the images don’t scale - it’s the same screen but with max and min size just to illustrate the image behavior.

Yes that’s right they still won’t scale, but my suggestion was just to make them large enough they show up full-width as a workaround.

Another workaround is to reformat your html page in sfm format - that is what we ended up doing with our map pages and it works pretty well.