SAB 6 does not wrap text using U+200B Zero Width space

I made a test version of the the Northern Thai app with 6.0.2 and there is a formatting problem with the new builds. Lines are now wider than the screen width. Thai text does not have word breaks. We marked word breaks using Zero width spaces. It appears that SAB 6 can only wrap when it encounters a hard space, and not a zero width space. Previous versions of SAB would wrap when they encountered U+200B, but version 6 appears to behave differently. The remaining functions of the app appear ok.

Can anyone suggest a fix so that long strings of THAI text will display with wrapping at word breaks and not any wider than one screen width. Are there new settings in SAB that affect when SAB will wrap text?

Thanks for any help and suggestions.

Roger Green

Can you just clarify if you are using Crosswalk?

Yes the special Lanna font requires Crosswalk. Crosswalk was enabled in SAB v4.7 and worked fine.

Then it is a Crosswalk issue. I think Crosswalk has had some updates for 64 bit compliance.

I’ve found a workaround for this issue. Essentially you need to set the font size to zero and use a regular unicode space.

I’m importing my text from word, so that probably won’t apply to most, but the fix should work for everybody.

I have inserted exclamation points throughout the text wherever there should be a line-wrapping invisible space. I also changed the formatting to ‘letter’ in word for every exclamation point.

Then in the “changes” field I changed all exclamation points to unicode spaces U+0020

Finally in styles, I made a new style for letter (span.c_letter) that sets the font size to 0.

That’s all.

This allows you to easily know when you edit the document where the line-wrapping spaces are, and makes them disappear for the reader while still being visible to the app.

It was easier before the crosswalk change, hopefully we get our unicode zero and hair width spaces working again in an upcoming version.