SAB 7.0 failed to recognise Platform-API 29

By default, Android 3.6 used Android Q.
SAB failed to recognize Android Q platform-api.

I installed Android Studio with Android 10.0 Q.

After installing Android P platform-api. It worked.

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SAB 7.0 currently uses Android 9 (API 28) for building apps, so you need the Android 9 platform libraries rather than Android 10. The apps built should run successfully on Android 10.

In the coming months we will change this to Android 10 (API 29). We will certainly do this before August 3, 2020, when Google will require that all new apps are built with Android 10.

Hello. With Android 9 platform. The apps built are not running on Android 10.

Infact starting from SAB 6.2 there is a security issue with generate specific access code.

But the most worrisome issue to me is the crash on Android 10. What can we do to solve the issues?

If you are using the security mode which restricts app access to those who have certain IMEI codes or access codes, yes, the app will not currently run on Android 10.

This is because Android 10 does not allow the app to access the device IMEI code. We are working on an alternative approach for Android 10 devices.