SAB 7.03 seems to build but where is the APK?

I just installed version 7.03. Seems to build ok, but I can’t find the APK. In my APK output folder there is nothing new.

Did you check Tools > Settings…, on the Default Folders tab, “APK Output Folder for Android Apps”? It shouldn’t have changed without your intervention, but it would be good to verify where SAB is being told to put the APK files.

yes the location is set to APK output folder. I checked and no new APK was created, at least nothing I can find by searching on *.apk. I wonder if there is something not correct such that the app doesn’t build.

Have you looked carefully through the log of building the app? It’s what goes by in the black command prompt window during the build process. If building failed, there will usually be some sort of error message in that window… you may need to scroll back a bit to find the pertinent info.

Note that in Settings / After Build tab, there is a checkbox to Close window if the app is built successfully. If that box is checked, and after a build the black command prompt window disappears after a few seconds, then the build (theoretically) was successful. If the window disappears (successful) but still doesn’t create the APK, you can try unchecking that box and looking through the log more carefully for clues. Good luck!

The build process doesn’t even include the black command prompt window for me. It writes books, writes fonts, then disappears. Since this is a new version I wondered if maybe the black window was no longer used. But maybe something is not working in my set up and so it aborts the build after writing the the books and fonts.

Hi guys let me jump in here - I have seen that behavior before, there is a case I have seen a couple of times where an image was too large to go into the app, and so the build failed before getting to the command prompt.

Just for troubleshooting, take out any images that you have, for example, in the splash screen, page header if you are doing a Picture Story Book and try again.

If it still fails upload your project files and send me a link in private message here (click on my picture and click Message) and I can try to figure out what is stopping it.