SAB 7.2 MACOS - images in html do not always display

I have made a bunch of html-based books in backwater.
They are exported from Nisus to HTML.
In some cases the images in the files do display, in other cases not (most).
As far as I can see the links in the HTML file are okay, e.g.

img src=“ebv-front-introductiebijbel-images/image.jpg” alt=“image.jpg”

The name of the folder is ok and the name of the jpg is okay, but yet it does not display. I have no idea why in one case in works and in the other it does not.

SAB expects all images to be in one place. So your:

<img src=“ebv-front-introductiebijbel-images/image.jpg” alt=“image.jpg”>

Should be:

<img src=“image.jpg” alt=“image.jpg”>

Then you add your images to SAB like you do for any SFM.
I wrote this some time ago but got distracted. Sorry.

Thank you for coming back to what you already begun.

I followed your instruction in SAB 8.1 and tested in HTML in 2 APPS with exactly the same code, as follows:



In one APP the image displays, in the other file not …
That is wat I meant … I cannot find out why this happens. Can you?