SAB 7.2 MACOS - Problem on Google Store API Level 28 is not enough --- API Level 29 required

Waarschuwingen ? WARNINGS

Je app target op dit moment API-niveau 28 en moet minimaal API-niveau 29 targeten om ervoor te zorgen dat de app is gebaseerd op de nieuwste API’s die zijn geoptimaliseerd voor beveiliging en prestaties.
Met ingang van augustus 2020 moeten nieuwe apps ten minste Android 10 (API-niveau 29) targeten. Met ingang van november 2020 moeten app-updates Android 10 (API-niveau 29) targeten. Tip: Wijzig het doel-API-niveau van je app. [Meer informatie]**


It seems that this is something for the developers? And not for the user?

The developers are working on SAB 8.0 that will use API 29 (Android 10). We hope to release at the end of the week.
There is one significant issue in the next release. Crosswalk will not be included as it is not working with the new API.

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Good, glad you are near to a solution …
You mention Crosswalk that it will not be included … how / where can I find that this is relevant for our project in SAB?


In the Building Apps document, see section 4.3 What is Crosswalk?
You can go to the Fonts > Font Handling Page to see if you are using it.


Okay, happy to see there that I do not use it. Blessings!

Scripture App Builder 8.0 is now available. It will build apps using Android 10 (API 29) libraries, which are accepted by Google Play.

Thank you! I am downloading it now!