SAB 8.01 - SAB crashes on last chapter of Luke

SAB 8.01 - SAB crashes on last chapter of Luke

The audio files are being downloaded from a server, and the download succeeds, and the audio file for the last chapter continues to play after the SAB crashes. It happens every time on two phones (Oppo A83-Android 7.1, and Samsung J7-Android 8.1) . It doesn’t happen on other phones tried (Xiaomi Redmi 5, Android 8.1).

I recently fixed an issue that will be in the next release (8.2) where the app would crash on playing the audio of the last chapter of the app.

@MikeB, do you have chapters in your app after Luke?

No it is a single book app, only Luke. We are releasing 7 single book apps over the next couple weeks.

Why separate apps?

OK then. This crash will be fixed in the next release (8.2).

Here is another report of it (and a work around).

separate apps, because they are different languages.

RE: Workaround
If I add an extra book to the same collection, hide it from showing in the book grid/list, does it still fix the issue?