SAB 8.1 not verifying keystore file path?

The other day I imported an app project that someone had shared with me. I forgot to set the keystore path to match a keystore file path on my computer. So the alias of the keystore didn’t even show in the project. But SAB built the app anyway, apparently using the right key (which I had used in other apps previously) automatically. In the past, before building the app, SAB would complain that the keystore wasn’t set and refused to build. Can this be looked at? It could go the wrong way if SAB were to use a key that was not intended to be used.

If the path specified in SAB existed on your computer and you had a keystore with that same name there and the passwords were the same as the original keystore? That would work.

But maybe I am missing something.

  • What was the keystore specified in SAB?
  • What was the keystore that was used for the build?
  • Did they have the same passwords?

I just discovered a situation like you described. It did build successfully. My project was tranferred from a Mac to Windows. What was the transfer in your case.

I’ll write it up but need to know if the project came from a Mac or Linux?

Thanks. I’m pretty sure the project came from Windows. So it’s from Windows to Windows.