SAB 8.3.1 Mac - link to an image USFM 3

I gave this link a USFM 3.0 structure but it does not work, it does not appear in the preview in the browser (safari) from SAB?

\fig Keliqǝktǝ, Ⱪana’an zeminininj tǝⱪsim ⱪilinisi| scr=’‘btl-ezekiel-division-land-upin.jpg’’ size=’‘span’’ ref=’’«Əz.» ‭48’’ \fig*

What is my “crime”?

If you copied and pasted into this post, you have problems with your quote marks:

Look at them very closely! The should all be double-quotes, I imagine.

Yes, I would say your are right, but even when I changed it to this (see below), it still does not work, nor in HTML neither in the APP.

\fig Keliqǝktǝ, Ⱪana’an zeminininj tǝⱪsim ⱪilinisi. | scr=“btl-ezekiel-division-land-upin.jpg” size=“span” ref=“Əz. 48”\fig*

In in the previous USFM format it does work …
Can SAB MAC deal with formats USFM 2 and 3 for this?

See Words and Characters — Unified Standard Format Markers 3.0.0 documentation for details.

Again, what is my “offence”?

@joop To best diagnose the problem that you are experiencing, it would be helpful to have a copy of your project. Could you share it via dropbox or google drive? You can send it to me at chris underscore hubbard at sil dot org. Thanks.

If you are modifying the source USFM files to add illustrations, then it would be better to use the illustration placement functionality. Double-click on the illustration and then click the “Add Placement…” button to specify where the illustration should be placed.

There were 2 issues that kept it from working:

  1. You misspelled the src attribute and used scr instead
  2. There was a space between the | and the first attribute

If I changed the fig to this, then it works.

\fig Keliqǝktǝ, Ⱪana'an zeminininj tǝⱪsim ⱪilinisi. |src="btl-ezekiel-division-land-upin.jpg" size="span" ref="Əz. 48"\fig*

EDIT: I checked with Paratext developers and there must not be any space between the vertical bar and the first attribute.

While looking at this issue, we noticed that using the illustration placement was not including the optional caption. It has been fixed and will be included in SAB 8.4.