SAB 8.5: Ogg Opus / WebM Audio

The nox player emulator is android 5. I set SAB at a minimum android platform of 5.0

Have you tried it on real hardware? Do you have a hardware Android 5 device?

I have a phone using android 11. It’s doing the same thing.

FCBH asked me to test if .webm files now download ok. They do! I just needed to change to Fileset ID: NODWBTN1DA-opus16. Their webm files have the -opus16 suffix. They may have made some additional changes.

I also noticed that webm files downloaded from FCBH fastforward and rewind correctly using the single and double arrows. I deleted the webm files I created with latest SAB/FFMEG converter that would not forward or rewind correctly, and substituted the files downloaded from FCBH and they work perfect in the App,

If you need webm and your audio is in FCBH Bible Brain you might try building a new app with the fileset set to “Fileset ID”-opus16 . You can download, stream or package these webm files in your app.

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Thank you, Roger, BTW for your info.
Has anyone found a solution yet to the FFMPEG conversion to webm in SAB?