SAB 8.6.6 MAC - PWA APP on desktop

I did export HTML with include PWA option ON.
I put that on our site and it differs only from HTML in the sense that it shows a green instead of a white bar on top. But I understand that in PWA must be build, however I noticed that Chris mentioned that Kalam would no longer continue with BUILDER.
So how do I get a PWA on the desktop.
We have a website where we put the generated files, button the question how do we get that nice APP like appearance by using a PWA on the desktop??

If you copy the generated files to a web server that using HTTPS to serve the pages and browse to the index page in Chrome (FireFox dropped their support for PWAs on the desktop), Chrome will show an install icon on the far right (like you can see with the community site).


Sometimes, you have to use the website for a while before Chrome will offer to install it.

Thank you, Chris, that works. So the APP is on my desktop now.
If I let users now download this from the site directly, will it work on their machine and if yes, will it work on any device? I did it on Mac. Will it work on Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, macOS?

Those platforms support PWAs.

My PWA generated by SAB 8.6.5 Mac OS (but I guess it is still the same with 9.0) works fine on MacOS but it does not work on Windows, nor on iOS and I expect it does not work on Linux and Android. I send a mail to Aaron, but waiting for response …
I expect SAB should allow the user to generate PWA for different platforms …

I get a message from a user working on BigSur. His PWA quits unexpectedly … Can it be because this PWA was not generated by SAB 9 but by a previous version?

ALSO I have not yet an answer to the above namely that SAB Mac only generates PWA for Mac, NOT for the other platforms!


There should be no difference in the PWA generated on Mac, Windows, or Linux. A PWA is just HTML/CSS/JavaScript. There is no native code. Support for PWA depends on the browser more than the platform. I found this browser test page.

It seems that the reason is that I tried to give users a ZIP file of the app which I downloaded from our website by using Chrome. These downloaded ZIP-files apparently do not work. Every user has to download on his own through CHROME from his own device. That works for me on Mac and Smartphone and I assume also on BigSur and other platforms as you say. So is that the trick? Maybe this was in the manual, but I did not look at it.
It seems there is no way to let users use the app by downloading it from our site, instead of downloading it with their own Chrome browser … AM I CORRECT in this understanding?
Can other browsers also do the trick to download the app?

They shouldn’t be downloading a zip file. You should publishing the files to your website (which has a certificate) and they should browse to the page from their browser. Here is an example:

You can work with Kalaam to host the PWA if that would help. I can pass along an email address.


We have the files on our site here:

That I understand. Second step I open this link in CHROME and click the download icon when it appears as you instructed me in ‘the past’.
That works also.

What I say now is that every user has to do this 2nd step from his own device using CHROME on his device.
When done he clicks on it and it connects with the html files on our site.

By the way …the link you gave me does not work!

Note: For the sample I gave you, it was in my cache. I cleared the cache and I see it is not working now. I checked and the correct link should be:

Yes, every user would have to do the second step of clicking on the install icon in chrome to install on their device.

I brought up the Chrome Developer Tools and watched the network requests. It offered to install after all the files had been cached. So you have to wait a bit before it will offer to install. I have a fast connect (400Mbps) and it took my browser 25 seconds to download all the content.

I have tried your link on the following platforms/browsers:

macOS 11.4/Chrome 92.0 = works (delay in offering to install until all files downloaded)
macOS 11.4/Safari 14.1 = not supported
macOS 11.4/Edge 92.0 = worked (delay in offering to install until all files downloaded)
Windows 10 1809/Edge 92.0 = worked (delay in offering to install until all files downloaded)
Windows 10 1809/Chrome 92.0 worked (delay in offering to install until all files downloaded)
Ubuntu 20.04/Chrome 92.0 worked (delay in offering to install some files downloaded — seemed slightly different, but still had to wait)
iOS 14.7.1 / Safari = worked (tapped share, tapped Add To Home Screen)
Android 11 / Chrome = worked (tapped vertical 3 dots, click Install app (it took a bit before it was available))

So, it seems to be working. If it isn’t working for you, you might wait a bit. You can use the Chrome Developer Tools to watch the network request to see when they are done (sorry, I don’t know of an easier way).


Thank you very much for all the work.
I understand this now.
You offered me a connection with Kalam … I think that would be good. Not for the hosting since we have our website, but maybe for a native app which connects to our site.
I was in touch with Aaron, but I get no response at the moment

Just to remind you of my request for a mail-address for Kalam. I did not hear from them yet.

I sent you a private message.

Yes, I received it after the reminder. Thank you!