SAB 8.6 registration - Please check internet

I’m testing the registration form and I am getting this:

Please check that you have an Internet connection, then press the button again to continue.

I have tested on Bluestacks and on my Android phone with the same results. Both have internet access.

I have enabled Email/Password and Anonymous sign-in methods,

added a database

and added the rule

Is there something that I’m missing?

FWIW - I was/am having a similar, but not exactly the same issue when checking an app on a simulator that needed access to the internet for audio. It also carried over to my test Android phone. I’m not sure what the issue is, nor have I had the chance to test other apps yet…

I’m using a Mac with SAB 8.6.

I am getting a similar message when I try to download audio in a new app: "To download audio files, please connect to the internet"

Maybe there is something wrong in 8.6?