SAB 8.6: Windows install uses embedded Java -- causes issue with Scriptoria login


In SAB 8.6 for Windows, we tried to improve two issues that a number of users have been experience:

  1. Users not being able to run SAB due to lost JAR file association.
  2. Users with high resolution monitors using the Java 8 needed for building apps had issues with the main window being very small. The work around was to use Java 11 for running SAB but Java 8 for building apps. This can be tricky to get it installed correctly.
  3. Users using a Java 8 without JavaFX included could not use the viewer tab for books to preview the text.

So the solution was to include a minimal Java 11 Runtime along with the app. This is common with many Java-based desktop applications and it has always been done with the app builders on Mac (actually, it uses Java 8 JRE with JavaFX … I still need get the minimal Java 11 Runtime for Mac working).

However, we found out yesterday that the Scriptoria Login is not working with the embedded Java runtime included with SAB. I am looking into the problem.

As a work-around, you can set the environment variable APPBUILDER_JAVA_HOME to the location of a Java 8 or Java 11 home (e.g. the Java 8 that you are using to build android apps).

Here is a video describing the problem and working around the issue by setting the environment variable.
Work-around Scriptoria Login on SAB 8.6 for Windows