SAB 9.3 Apps on Android 10 and 11: Can we disable wordbreaks

We are working with a language that makes use of Thai script, but used spaces to mark word boundaries. SAB will currently break words based upon Thai Orthography when you zoom in / out. Previously we’d use Crosswalk to get around that, but Crosswalk is not supported as of Android 10.

Is there a way to instruct SAB to not apply the Thai orthography rules? Or, failing that, can we instruct SAB to not break text between spaces (U+0020)?

This request is related to a specific language, but it is a common problem out here.

Similar issue in all languages which use Khmer script also (except Khmer itself, perhaps?) We have spaces or ZWSP between words, but lines break in the middle of words all the time. I’ve wondered if this problem could be worked around by inserting U+2060 WORD JOINER in contexts where words break incorrectly.

Inserting WORD Joiner might be possible if we could provide SAB with a list of words that we say either do not break or break here. Similar to the Paratext Hyphenation rule. But I understand from the user that the Hyphenation rules don’t really work too well for this language either.