SAB and Photostage integration

Hello there! I recently read on IMS’ website this,

" to create a video, all you need is an audio file for the relevant chapter of the Bible, together with its corresponding timing file. SAB will insert the audio into a PhotoStage template, calculate the duration of each slide, and produce a PhotoStage project ready to export as an MP4 video file."

I can’t seem to find any documentation on how to do this and as I am looking around SAB I can’t figure out how SAB integrates with PhotoStage in any of the menus. Thanks!

Look in the release notes. There are often explanations of how to use new features that aren’t yet in the documentation.

For the slideshow feature, look under version 5.0 for some instructions.

This is something developed by IMS for SAB not by SAB. It happens outside of SAB. You need your audio file that you use in SAB (but created outside of SAB), and your timing file (created manually or via aeneas in SAB). After that you need PhotoStage and the IMS templates and do it all in PhotoStage. Then you create a video via PhotoStage which you can use in SAB, either stored on the Internet or locally on the phone.

More question should go to IMS or read here:
Read this document

Thank you for this information!

Thank you for your helpful reply!

@mcquayi the link in “Read this document” is broken. I am not sure where it is supposed to go to or I would fix it. :slight_smile:

Does anyone have an example of a video made with Photostage?
I’d be happy to pay for it but would like to see what the end product would look like first.
Can you include the text as subtitles?


There are a lot of videos at the Scripture Earth YouTube Channel.

FYI, we are working on replacing the requirement for using PhotoStage (using FFmpeg instead). The coding is being done by a university team. So it might be a few months before it is done.


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