SAB app takes a VERY LONG TIME to find audio files now

I’m not sure what has changed, but the last few builds of our app take a very long time to find and then start playing the audio files on my phone.
Note: the Internal memory is 128GB and the microSD card is 512GB, so that is a lot of memory to hunt through. But the app has a defined audio recording location folder (“Audio_Alkitab_Selaru”) so I thought that would be the trick to get this to be faster. But apparently not.

What isn’t clear to me are these Qs:
Does the app actually check for THAT defined folder first?
And where does the app expect that folder to be?
And if it doesn’t find the expected folder there, then where does it go looking for it?
And if it never finds that folder, then does it start hunting for the audio files everywhere on the phone?
Does it start with the internal memory first, and then scan the external memory?
Does it start at the folder where the APK install file is located, or somewhere else?
If there are multiple defined locations for audio files to reside (local, and 2 internet locations), does it matter what is marked as the “Default” location in SAB?

(Sorry if this is all documented somewhere already, I haven’t seen it.)

Because right now, it isn’t pretty much usable. It literally takes the app 3 or more minutes to find the audio tracks and then starts playing them. And worse, if the user gets impatient, and starts clicking other locations/chapters and clicking the Play button there too, and then goes off to other apps, SAB starts playing the audio track in the background. And then when that is stopped, it tries the next clicked audio track.

(And worst of all, SAB app has to re-scan the phone every time I restart the app, i.e. the app doesn’t remember the location of the audio files from one run to the next.)

Any guidance for me to speed this up as best we can get it? Thanks everyone.

Just an FYI, I just installed the latest version of the app, with the default locations specified for each audio file correctly.

On the first attempt to play an audio file, it took over 3 full minutes before the audio started to play.
After waiting 3 minutes, I hit Play again, because I wasn’t sure it had registered the first press. About a minute later it started playing TWO copies of the same audio track (I could hear the overlap). I stopped the audio, and ONE of the audio tracks stopped play, but the other one kept on playing. I then swiped to the next chapter and hit play there too and had both chapter 7 and chapter 8 audio tracks playing at the same time! I could even raise the Speed to 1.2x and both tracks played faster. I stopped chapter 8, but chapter 7 was still playing. I wasn’t sure how to stop that audio track! (There was no Notification tray audio player running which I could kill.) So I swiped back to chapter 6, and that killed the audio.

'm thinking this is a BUG. The app should not able to play two audio tracks at the same time.

This wouldn’t happen I suppose if there was not such a huge delay before it plays.
It didn’t used to take SO LONG to start playing the first audio track.
Any clue what might be causing this kind of delay?

If the delay is because the app is search through every folder on my phone, then maybe what we need is an drop-down option in the App menu that has
“Search my Internal memory only”
“Search my SC card memory only”
“Search both Internal and SC card memories”
“Search downloaded file in this folder: …”
“Stream from Internet Only”


I have the same issue, though I am using the FCBH Bible Brain streaming. I don’t think it has ever taken 3 full minutes, but it has taken a good 30 seconds before. And there was no status bar or spinning wheel to let the user know that the app registered that the play button was in fact pressed. (The most recent times I’ve tried, a spinning wheel appears after 12-15 seconds, and then the audio starts a second or two after that wheel goes away.) So naturally, I’ve pressed play again, and just like @david_coward reported, it will start to play two sets of audio. But then you can only pause one. So then you have to close the app and reopen it.

If you manage to wait it out and get it working properly, it tends to work a little quicker on other chapters, as long as you keep the app open. But once you close the app and reopen it, again you’ll have to wait the 12-15 seconds for the audio to start coming again.