SAB - Compatibility with Catalina 10.15.1 and xCode 11.2(11B52) on MACBook Pro

I have a MACBook Pro with the above MACos and xCode versions (both the lastest version available) and SAB 6.0.2. I have apps I need to publish on the Apple App Store. After the latest update to the OS and xCode, I don’t have any simulators appearing in SAB to select to get my screenshots for publishing. If I open xCode, I have simulators available. Is SAB 6.0.2 compatible with the latest releases of these?

I need help.

@Rusty_Riggs I am having the same issue. Any thoughts @ChrisHubbard?

Sorry. I meant to reply to this last week but got distracted. I have seen this but I have not had time to track it down.

An alternate way to install the simulator build of an app to the simulator.

  1. Open the Run iOS App in Simulator dialog to build the app. Then close the dialog
  2. Open the folder where the simulator apps are built by open File -> View Simulator Output Folder
  3. Start the Simulator (by typeing Simulator in spotlight or opening from inside Xcode)
  4. Drag/drop the built simulator app onto the Simulator window. This will install the app into the Simulator.


Thanks @ChrisHubbard, that got me simulting again.

Yes, I should have shared that I found that. The question remains if this will be fixed in SAB? I would hope we are keeping it compatible with the latest major releases. Do you have any idea of the plans?

@Rusty_Riggs, I looked into it today. The owner of the utility that we were using to automate the simulator (to switch devices, install the app, and launch the app) has deprecated the utility and replaced it with another one. It is sufficiently different that we are not going to be able to switch to it for SAB 6.1. For now, if the utility fails then the dialog falls back to a simpler mode which allows the user to open the simulator, build the app, and open the simulator output folder to make it easier to drag/drop the app to the simulator.

Here is what the dialog looks like:

Thanks for the feedback. I can live with the current work-around until such a time as when you can intergrate it.