SAB corrupts project if illustration filename contains ampersand

Has anyone else encountered this? If I save my project, exit SAB, and restart, various pieces are lost or corrupted:

  • The About box is blanked out.
  • The app signing passwords are removed.
  • The navigation drawer images are removed.
  • Of the 7 illustrations, 5 are OK. 1 shows the right dimensions but the last right image’s thumbnail and no filename, and 1 is completely removed.

Making a copy of the project (File > Copy App) has the same effect in the copy.

Any ideas what might cause that, or how to fix it?

If you change computers the keystore needs to be updated. Is this project only on one computer?

Are you using versioning on your projects?

Can you consistently reproduce this?

There have been reports of some things not saving but are not reproducible.

The original project is shared via GitHub so that the same files can be used on a Mac for the iOS version, but the copy of the project is not shared. In fact, I made a brand new project from scratch, adding the same content, and the same thing happens. It seems very consistent.

OK, I’ve figured it out, and renamed the subject for this topic accordingly. One of the illustrations was named “tent & courtyard.jpg”. I renamed the file to “tent and courtyard.jpg” and this stopped the problem from recurring. I just need to be sure that I’ve added back all the info that was being discarded. I don’t know whether this happens during the process of loading a project or saving it, but it would seem that when SAB encounters an illustration whose filename contains an ampersand, it results in a certain amount of the project either not being saved or not being loaded (and thus not included when the project is subsequently saved). The missing parts include subsequent illustrations, the Nav drawer images, the About box contents, and signatures. I don’t know if there’s anything else that’s gone missing that I haven’t noticed. Perhaps that can be determined by looking in the code at what all gets loaded/saved after this? -Thanks!

Good detective work.

I’ll experiment but I suspect that the filename is brought in without the ampersand being encoded correctly for the XML .appdef file. So that is a bug.