SAB distribution on google play

I have tried to upload the Apk on Google play Store but it says it is too big (125 MB). Max 100 MB is allowed.
Any idea how to compress directly using SAB program?

Thanks in advance!

You can reduce the size of your audio mp3 files. Go into your audio files list on the audio tab in SAB. Find out what size your audio files currently are, then right click and choose “convert audio files”. Try on a single file and change the number of channels to 1, and if needed try the next lower bitrate setting. If you select all the audio files you can see the total size at the bottom of the screen and determine how much smaller you need to make your audio files. You can run the Convert audio files function on mulitiple files by selecting all of them. Be sure to listen to the converted audio to make sure you like the quality. Phones tend to sound better than laptops.

You can also use a program like format factory. Make sure your audio is mono and try 64, 48, or 32 kbps bitrate. You can also use 22050 or 11025 Hz sample rate. You only need to reduce the total size of your audio files 26 Mb. Be sure to listen to the downsized audio to make sure it is good enough quality.

If you can’t reduce your audio size, you will either need to set the app to download (stream) the audio or distribute the audio files by sd card.



Thank you so much for your help!

Hi Allar,
As you try different audio compression schemes, make sure you’re using constant bit-rate (as opposed to variable) or your synced highlighting won’t work. You can also try 3gp (on Android)–look for it under “convert audio files.” The audio quality for this is “okay” but you can at least try it. Note, though, that you will need to sync the audio (and adjust the timings) first, using your mp3 files, as you can’t sync the 3gp ones. However, the timing files you get from the mp3s should work fine with the 3gp ones.