SAB does not start

I installed SAB in late May, used it to create a couple of apps, now I want to use it again and it does not start. I click the program icon, the timer icon shows for a second or so and then nothing happens.
I suspect it has to do with an update of Windows 10 (I am running Win 10 Home, version 1803). I tried uninstalling Scripture App and reinstalling, made sure the correct version on of the Java developer Kit is on the computer… nothing seems to help.

Any ideas?

It could be that Java is no longer associated with .jar files. Some programs change the association on installation.

If you search for sab.bat that is normally in C:\Program Files (x86)\SIL\Scripture App Builder\sab.bat
Then double click that. It should start then.

Hmmm. First of all thank you so much for looking into this. However, it did not fix it.
I first ran SAb.bat. It opened a command window and ran and closed it, without me being able to see what it said. I tried the program. still no luck. I rebooted, still no look.
So I ran SAB.bat again from within a Command prompt window, and I found out that the batch file does apparently not run successfully. I copied the contents of the CMD window below. Perhaps it helps to hunt down the cause.

Can’t say I have seen that sort of thing before.

Did you upgrade to Java 9? SAB only works with Java 6-8. 8 is best. If so remove that and just install Java 8.

If your Java is Java 8 then I’d reinstall it and SAB.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I did in fact have multiple versions of Java (Java 8.181 / Java 8.162 and Java 10) on my computer… I uninstalled them all using Revo Uninstaller, then rebooted, installed Java SDK 8 update 181 64bit, and voila Scripture App is back.
Big relief, Praise God.

SAB 4.6, which we are hoping to release next week, should run OK on Java 10 - as well as Java 8 and 9.