SAB doesn't generate link for references embedded in \+xt ... \+xt*

When we place cross references inside footnotes, we use the following markers:

\f + \fr 9:1 \ft This is an example footnote. Take a look at \+xt Mat 1:2\+xt* .\f*

The plus sign in \+xt is required because \ft is a character-level marker, so nested markers have to be prefixed with +. (At USFM 3.0 documentation, go to Docs » Words and Characters » Character Marker Nesting.)

I can create a regex rule to get rid of those plus signs, but I would imagine that the developers would also want to fix the bug so SAB respects standard markup in situations like this.

I would agree that this would be helpful. In the meantime, here is the change (to be entered in the Changes tool) that you can use:

This should handle both the opening and closing marker (i.e. \+xt*).

This problem has been fixed in Scripture App Builder 8.3.