SAB for Dumb Phones

We are working in rural Mozambique and love SAB. However here in rural Mozambique, Android phones are few and far between. Even those who have them constantly struggle to keep them charged. The vast majority of people here are using dumb phones. A lot (not all) of the dumb phones read .txt files.

We used to load whole books on these dumb phones. However people were not keenly interested in them because navigation was very difficult. The book of Genesis was one text file. We have cleaned up the navigation and people are now using it and are quite enthusiastic about it.

There are 2 ways to fix the navigation problem but the most universal is remove from the text all footnotes, photos, section headings cross references et. We remove section headings because on a dumb phone, they will present as part of the previous verse which is not helpful.

Then each chapter must be saved individually as a .txt file and placed in folders. For example Lolo Bible/Old Testament/01 Genesis/01 Genesis 1.txt

Is there anyone else who would be greatly helped if SAB did this?

For dumb (feature) phones that had J2ME embedded (Nokia, Sony, Motorola) there is the GoBible format that is pretty good. Most phones from India and China don’t have tha

Some guys did some work on a bible based on images since that was the only thing that would display on almost every phone. It was based on small images of text in folders. It worked but was big in size. Is this of interest?

Have you tested SAB HTML output on these dumb phones?

I could write you a XSLT script that would take USX files exported from Paratext and create the files you want in seconds.

Do you have KaiOS phones there? They are getting big in India.

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In testing on a KaiOS phone there was no way to look at text, that I could see on the Nokia phone I have. Pictures would be an option.

I assume the groups can’t afford internet? Is that correct? if not then web hosting is an option.

I believe that 100fold dot org (put it together – I didn’t want to link directly) are focused on helping people with feature phones (dumb phones).