SAB interface Urdu translation

I’m publishing a scripture app in a Pakistani language. I’d like to have the interface (menus etc) in Urdu, as this is the ‘trade’ language that would be installed on most phones (not much point translating this into the minority language as it won’t be recognised on phones). From what I can see on this forum / app stores even the current apps where the scripture language is Urdu, the interface appears to be in English.

I’m willing to get this translated but I wanted to check a) Does anyone have it already b) Is there any benefit of collaborating and adding this to one of the standard interface languages for SAB?


We are happy to add other languages contributed by users. Though we would prefer if someone else checked the translation as well.

Thanks. What kind of process would you envisage for the translation checking? I’m planning on using an online freelancer to get the first pass done. Would you just accept having another freelancer checking it, or would it need to go through some SIL review process?

I am not trying to make it too rigorous, As long as someone else who knows the language has a look at it and gives some useful feedback/suggestions.

Thanks. I’ve got the initial translation done and I will get someone to review it.