SAB Mac 7.0.2 Arabic comma still to recognized in cross-references

This time I am a bit disappointed about release 7.0.1 which I just downloaded. We had asked (I think Corey send the request) for recognition of the Arabic comma (see example below) in cross-references, and we thought this was going to be implemented, but it still does not work (???).
When we generate a APP Gen. 9 (chapter) is recognized and also verse 1, but after the comma ch. 9 vs. 2 and 7 the text is no longer part of the reference as far as the APP is concerned and these last two verse are not clickable. It works again as soon as we change the Arabic comma to a Latin comma, which is awkward in Arabic, though not in Hebrew. We have reported this, but we see no improvement?

يار. 8‏:17؛ 9‏:1، 2، 7.

Hi Joop, I can confirm the bug report is in on the official list, and I am sure the devs have it in mind. They do look at those and I’m sure it’s in their minds to look at fixing this. They also look at this forum so this will be a reminder for them, and I can update the bug report as well.

Thank you for keeping an eye on this!