SAB - MAC WINDOWS - PWA how to run offline

Using Edge or Chrome one (?) can make a PWA-App and it is said that Edge can run off-line.
Here is an article, which for me is much too complicated.
How to Make Your PWA Work Offline - SimiCart

I also tried to put all the files on my desktop and then have Edge make a PWA from that desktop folder, but it does not let me.

Maybe somebody can advise me, if this offline feature of a PWA App can really be established by a simple man like me?

From what we read even if PWA offline support is present, you still have to view each page before it is available offline.

Is that correct? If it is, then that doesn’t seem realistic for the entire NT or OT.

Thanks, Mike

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) have to be published on a server that is serving the pages via HTTPS. PWAs don’t work trying to run them from your local file system.

Here is an example PWA (Note: don’t share this around since it is used for testing and could go away at any time).

World English Bible PWA

After it opens, your will get an indication that it can be installed. In Chrome, you will get the install icon on the right side of the address bar. (Actually, I see that icon for the Community website.)


Clicking on that icon, you will be prompted to install the app:

It is installed into the Chrome Apps folder (on my Mac, it is in ~/Applications/Chrome Apps). The app then launches.

When a PWA is installed, all of the web pages and static resources are downloaded. You can browse all of the text off-line. If you PWA has audio as URLs, then you will still need to be on-line to listen to the audio.

How do you make sure that your published PWA is working correctly? You can use Lighthouse to test it. If you know how to open the Chrome Developer Tools, it is available there as well.

I hope this helps.


Yes, this helps in the sense that I understand that Chrome does launch when I click on the App, but doe not go offline. That was my apparently my unjustified thought.
The remark about the Audio is helpful. Thank you!

The launched PWA should be able to access the text pages while off-line.