SAB not displaying link formatting correctly

I’m seeing something strange happening with my SAB app. I have my link format set to underline. The footnote letters each show an underline under them and the words that are linked in our text to the glossary are also underlined which is the way I set it up. After some use, the underlining disappears under our glossary words but remains under the footnote letters. When I change the book to the glossary itself and then go back to a chapter of the text, the underlining re-appears under all our glossary terms!
I’m not sure what’s going on. I have the setting to display glossary terms turned on within the app.
Thanks for the help!


Can we get a copy of your app? We may also need a copy of the project too later. If you click on my Icon you can send me a personal message with how to get it. Google Drive or DropBox work well.

Did you get my direct message with the download link to our app? Thanks!

Yes, looking at it now. Love the app icon.

Still trying to get the underlining to disappear.

  • Pressing footnotes and glossary words has not made this happen.
  • I got it to do this different to what you describe. I had it open then used the phone Overview button and closed all open apps. Then I reopened the app and the underlining disappeared. I could bring it back as you described.
  • Once after making a book mark I got the glossary words to have no highlighting but could not reproduce this.

Can you define a set procedure to make this happen? Without that it is unlikely to get fixed.I am concerned my predictable method may not fix your issue, though I hope it would.

I did notice that your glossary has << wedge >> quotes not converted to smart quotes. The changes section can take care of that.

Sorry I did not get back to you. Thank you for your time replying to me.

Yes, I got it to happen the same way as you describe.

  • View currently open apps
  • Close the running app
  • Open the app again and the underlining is gone.
  • Go to the glossary page within the app
  • return to the Chapter one and the underlining appears again.

Yes, I noticed the << wedge>> quotes not converted in the glossary section as well. I had made the changes in the “changes” section of the app maker and it had converted them all within the text but I’m not sure why it didn’t change those within the glossary. Any suggestions?


I did write up this one in August with those steps to reproduce it.

The project changes not affecting the GLO file, I can’t reproduce that. We’d need to see a project for that. I am using 6.0.2.

Should I send you our project file? If so, how?

I sent you a personal message (PM) with how to do that.