SAB not rendering USFM marker

I had this same issue with HearThis. SAB does not recognize the valid USFM marker: +w(…)+w*.

This is a Keyterm that is nested as a glossary term. HT updated with latest release (Thanks!).

Just wanted to alert the team to see if this could be added to the next update.

Can you give the full markup, both outer and nested. What you show is partial USFM, there are no backslash characters. Change the words if you need to.

Do you mean like this:

\k \+w keyword\+w*\k*

Here is the mark up. It’s within an OT quote:

\q1 \qt +wj Ge he efe rongtakya nge eb +w rrumyune+w* nyer, +wj*\qt*

The code that is coming through SAB is: “Ge he efe rontakya nge eb \+w rrumyune\+w* nyer…”

Thanks for your help!

Thanks for your example it makes the picture clearer. Though it was still missing backslash codes before the + signs (not your error). More on that later*.

Assuming you had the correct markup, did you realize that you have three levels of character markup?
1 \qt
2 \wj
3 \w

There is no example in the USFM guide that shows three levels of character markup. So I thought you may have gone too far. But PT 8 does not mind and it is not a Schema error.

My suggestion for a workaround is this:

\q1 \qt \+wj Ge he efe rongtakya nge eb\+wj*\qt* \wj \+w rrumyune\+w*\wj* \qt \+wj nyer, \+wj*\qt*

The result is all red letters. Everything except the glossary word is in italic. Like the line below but all red.

Ge he efe rongtakya nge eb rrumyune nyer,

My suggestion does give a Marker warning.

If you know RegEx you could write a find and replace in SAB Changes to modify your 3 level changes back to 2 as per my example.

I’ll add it as a bug in SAB since USFM allows it.

* Your example came through still missing backslash characters. It is best if you put things like that inside a code block which looks like this:

code example

Code blocks preserve the characters. The blocks show with a light grey background. (I used a \ backslash before my ` so they were ignored as markup characters so you could see them)

Thank you so much for you reply. I appreciate your help on this issue.

Hello again, to help clarify the issue, is SAB having a hard time rendering the 3 level character mark up? Was that bug you added addressed in the last release? Just following up, thank you!

I’m really sorry but it appears I did not write up that bug. I try to make sure I write up bugs before telling people I have written them up. I failed to do that in this case.

It is in the list now. But it only has a medium priority rating though.

You can look in the Release notes and it tells you what bugs have been fixed in each version.

NOW I am not sure.

In 6.0.2 it is working at rendering the SFMs in most cases.
Case 1:

\q1 \qt \+wj Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, \+w consectetuer\+w*  adipiscing elit.\+wj*\qt*

This does not render the \+w markup.

Case 2:

\q1 \qt \+wj Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, \w consectetuer\w*  adipiscing elit.\+wj*\qt*

This is correct except the linked word does not have red color. It does preserve the italic.

Case 3:

\q1 \qt \wj Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, \+w consectetuer\+w*  adipiscing elit.\wj*\qt*

This renders the same as Case 2.

Case 4:

\q1 \qt \wj Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, \w consectetuer\w*  adipiscing elit.\wj*\qt*

This too renders the same as Case 2

The display of all link types is currently only styled by one style, but there are multiple links. If you change the a:link color from LinkColor to inherit then you get all words red.

So that is good.

Thank you for this work-around.

I suggest SAB ignoring the plus i.e. interpreting \+ as \ before converting it to HTML or APK, etc.