SAB on high resolution monitors

I have a 4k monitor and when I run SAB 8.3 on it everything is so small the program is unusable. There is no workaround with Windows 10 because, no matter how much I rescale Windows SAB doesn’t change. Does anyone have a solution?

I had the same problem. I got this solution from Ian MaQauay.

The issue is in Java 8 rather than SAB. You can run SAB with a Java JRE 9 or 10. Your build still needs to be Java JDK 8. If you change to a version 9 or 10 Java JRE for SAB those Java versions better handle 4K screens.

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Thanks, Kent! Is there a link to something else I need to install? When I go to java. com / en / download/ it says that the latest version is 8. Am I missing something?

This has gotten complicated. Oracle who most people were getting their Java from, in 2019, changed their licensing. It is much stricter. So we don’t recommend using that distribution any longer as making and distributing app would breach the free license.

The problem is the one we recommend now, Amazon Corretto Java 8 JDK, does not handle 4K (just like the Oracle Java didn’t). But the next version up in Corretto is 11 and it does not work with SAB. They have no 9 or 10. I looked at other Open JDK distributions and they too do not have version 9 or 10 available.

Feel free to get your own legal advice on using a Oracle JRE 9 or 10.

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Andrew, Try this link.

The licensing seems to say you can use it for free.

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Has anyone confirmed or tested with this version 10 of Java? Assuming it is legal to use, does it work well with SAB?

Yes, it works fine so far on both 1080p and 4k screens.

@mcquayi Any more comment on this?

I too have a 4k monitor (new labtop set up in January) and my secondary monitor is QHD but resolution for SAB doesn’t change when I move it to the second monitor. As the availability and use of 4k monitors increases, it seems this issue needs addressed more than just saying just figure out your own situation with Java. The Installation Instructions, just updated in January 2021, recommend Azul’s Java 8.

Looks like I may need to fire up my 7 year old labtop to use SAB…

Even if Oracle’s archived Java 10 is legal to use, this message on the link provided above is suspicious:

WARNING: These older versions of the JRE and JDK are provided to help developers debug issues in older systems. They are not updated with the latest security patches and are not recommended for use in production.

Is there any plan from the developers to address this Java issue which will become increasingly problematic as 4k monitors become more prevalent?

I did try changing the resolution of my primary monitor to 1920x1080 and SAB is clear and usable. A higher resolution (like 2048x or 2560x) also makes SAB usable but doesn’t make use of my whole screen (regardless of which option I choose).

At 1920x1080, the whole primary monitor is filled up and SAB is usable. But when I switch back to Chrome (or most other apps), the graphics/text is almost blurry and is hurting my eyes after only 5-10 minutes of trying at the lower resolution…

Interestingly, if I do the following, everything is usable:

  1. Change my primary resolution to 1920x1080 (which makes SAB’s resolution usable)
  2. Move SAB to my secondary monitor. The SAB resolution seems to stay at 1920x1080…
  3. Then change my primary monitor back to 4k resolution (and thus the rest of the apps aren’t plagued by weird resolution blurriness). Since SAB is in the secondary monitor, it’s own resolution doesn’t revert back to 4k size.
  4. I can either keep SAB on the secondary monitor or I can even move SAB back to the primary monitor and SAB’s resolution doesn’t change back to the un-usable resolution/size it was when it opened at 4k resolution.

Obviously, these extra steps are convenient but seems like a good hacked solution so that you don’t need to use Oracle’s archived Java 10. And it makes figuring out a long term solution related to Java 8 and 4k resolution not as urgent…if someone doesn’t have an extra monitor, then one would need to keep the primary 4k monitor at 2k resolution to work on SAB.

Curious if others can replicate what I’ve described here - especially @Andrew_Case since he asked the original question but others on this thread (or someone else who reads it…).

@lasnider the devs are looking at how to include a 4K friendly JRE to help with that issue and other installer issues.

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