SAB or RAB for an app with Bible, articles, songs, videos etc.?

We are thinking of creating an app with many resources for our language. The initial idea was for an app with Q&A articles so I was thinking of using RAB. We then thought of adding songs and a story book (King of Glory) that has YT videos for each chapter.
But if we also included the Bible would we then be better off starting with the Bible app and SAB and adding the other things in the contents menu?
Is there any real difference between RAB and SAB?
If so, what would be the advantage of one over the other?

In general, you should use SAB. RAB is really just SAB that has been repackages to not have support for Scripture and Multiple book collections (and to simplify things that don’t have to deal with them). It is intended to be used by people in literacy that might not expect to be able to create literacy apps with something with the name “Scripture App Builder”. If you are already a SAB user, then use SAB.

The only advantage that RAB has over SAB is that it does a little automatic management of the Contents menu. Honestly, I am not sure why SAB couldn’t do something like that too.

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Thanks for that explanation. Will stick with SAB. I’m not sure what the Contents Menu will look like and how it even works, I’ve only ever made a Bible-only app. I’m sure between the instructions and this forum we’ll figure it out.

I’m not an expert on SAB but I wanted to mention that it might be good to think of multiple apps. If you include videos in the app it will get quite big. You don’t have to insert them in it though. I’m going to make a separate app for songs and several for Scripture. We’ll hopefully soon have Lumo Mark and the FCBH recording of it. I’ll make two apps on Mark, one with the videos, one with audio and pictures. Where I am, people don’t have a lot of free memorty on their phones.

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