SAB Psalms Audio files not importing correctly

We have finally finished recording the entire Bible. I am importing the audio files into SAB and Psalms is importing one chapter at a time and dropping one chapter at a time into into where chapter 50 of Genesis is in the audio files. I have checked and renamed the Psalms files. Every other book has imported correctly. Psalms stops importing at chapter 49. After that, it takes about 6 steps to import the rest of the 101 audio files…one file at a time. Is this a glitch in SAB?

Hello Rich, what naming convention are you using for your audio files? SAB is clearly getting confused, so if we can see the filenames, we can better understand why.

Hi Richard, here is what we are doing and I’ll include a screenshot below
Psalms 066 kbq.mp3
Bless you!

I woke up this morning with the idea to reread the SAB manual. Your file naming structure uses the Paratext “MAT” or “PSA” convention. So I put to PSA- in front of the files names and they all imported correctly. Thank you! Problem solved with “PSA-Psalms 066 kbq.mp3”

Glad you found the solution!

In your screenshot, it looks like your audio files refer to “Psalm” whereas your book is called “Psalms”, so that was probably why it did not recognise the book name.