SAB/RAB Feature Suggestion

Dear SIL Gurus,

I think one of the best features that can added to SAB/RAB in the next versions is to allow webview in the apps. This will allow developers that intend to use some of their web projects to be viewed directly from the app without an external browsers.

I have been using using the iFrame to achieve this but some web security features of some pages don’t allow the pages to be viewed in the app and this is a big constraints unlike some IDEs that readily allow that because of the inbuilt features. I have also used some online apps builders to do achieve the webview but is it usually streamlined since it only allows for a single URL web view alone.

I believe packaging the original resources intended for app development and allowing separate pages in which one can simply insert the URL to be viewed in the app for further information or references will be the bomb that I expect will make SAB and RAB stand out.

I’ll appreciate if the gurus and dons at the development end of SAB can deeply look into this and make it a reality in the subsequent versions of the compiler.

Thank you and GOD bless…