SAB Thai font not fluid in iOS

So I’m wondering if this is a personal problem with my MacBook Air in the settings or just something I have to live with or is this a SAB issue that needs to be requested for a fix/feature.


Yes on windows it is fine but on the Mac I get the same.

I have reported this as a bug. Though not high priority since it does not affect app Users, just app creators.

If could save your project to Google Drive or Dropbox and share it with me, I can take a look. Historically, Java desktop on Mac has not displayed complex scripts well. I am currently evaluating the JRE that comes bundled with the Mac app and I can include this issue in my research.

Edit: It looks like you have share it with me earlier on July 1, 2020 (folder name is D.Tisdale App. Is that new enough or do you want to update that?