SAB to fully support USFM v3, specifically the \rb marker

We would like to see SAB fully support SFM version 3.0, specifically the \rb marker. We’ve migrated to Paratext 9 and version 9 supports SFM v3 and also the \rb marker. However, SAB does not support either and so we’re left with compatibility problems between our text in Paratext 9 and SAB.

At the moment the lack of SFM v3 and \rb marker support in SAB has stalled the release of our Japanese Bible app. We use the \rb marker in the Japanese text to place smaller text above the main text to help in pronunciation and description of the main text. We need SAB to support SFM v3 and the \rb marker where the \rb marker displays in the app as the below image shows (\rb marker text circled in red).

Once SAB is fully compatible with SFM v3 and the \rb marker then we can release our Japanese Bible app. Thank you for your help with this!

Raw translated Japanese text with \rb markers:

Japanese text displayed using \rb markers:

We are hoping to have full USFM 3 support by late March.

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Just a thought… in the meantime you could use the changes tab to create a rule to remove those markers, or change them into parentheses or something that would make sense in the text.

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Thank you very much!

That’s a good idea that we noodled over with our Japanese editor, however he said that it would still be confusing to the reader if the marked up text was in parentheses or any other format.