SAB v10.1.1 | SAB Building Faulty iOS Apps

I built an app and Apple doesn’t recognize it as an app build for iOS. I can transfer it to Apple via Transporter program, but it doesn’t show up as a build to select on Apple’s end when I’m about to submit the app for review.

I did notice that every time in past versions that I built out an iOS app that the IPA file had my app icon embedded and so the file icon displayed my app icon. However, when I build the apps now, the file icon doesn’t have my app icon embedded but has a white icon with a gray arrow pointing down.

I think SAB is building faulty app files that Apple can’t use, and so Apple doesn’t list it as an IPA file that I can submit to them with my app for review.

I don’t think SAB 10.1.1 builds faulty IPAs, I have been able to successfully publish apps with it. Did you get a confirmation in Transporter that your file was delivered successfully? Then it is strange indeed that you don’t see it in App Store Connect. Although you may know that it takes some time before it appears, it is processed for a while. You could also click on the TestFlight section in App Store Connect and then on Builds. It should show up there even when it is still processing.
So where is the icon missing? It doesn’t show in Transporter?

@nazukeoya, this is most likely due to an issue with your iOS signing identity or provisioning profile. Make sure you follow the instructions for making these. Make sure the signing identity is not expired. Make sure it is for App Store distribution.

We try to check these before attempting a build, but I think there are a few cases we are not checking correctly. If this ends up being the issue, please let me know and I can try to update the code to check.


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The IPA ended up being transferred and released without issues, I was just shocked that the app icon wasn’t the icon for the file on my computer.