SAB version is 6.0 - 8 Aug 2019

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@mcquayi @richard
Thank you for this release. We are so very glad to be able again to display a reference to an entire chapter in a pop-up. Our app made with 5.6 imported flawlessly into 6.0. So far, the only thing I’ve done differently was to make an adaptive icon for Android as suggested in the release notes, which was so simple to do under the Images tab in SAB. Everything else (audio of book intros, videos and all the other features I’ve tried) has kept working. Thank you! I do see that a solution for navigation to “combined verses” (e.g. when two verses have been combined so that the verse reference in Paratext is something like “\v 9-10”) still hasn’t been worked out, but that is a minor issue. Again, thank you to you and all who keep improving SAB.

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@mcquayi @richard

Deep linking feature was working for me (in apps with no Contents Menu).

But in apps with a Contents Menu Screen, the deep linking feature is just taking us to the Contents Menu screen only.

Have any one tried out Deep linking with an app having Contents Menu Screen?

Sorry, currently the Contents screen gets in the way of deep linking working. This has been fixed for the next version of SAB.


When I updated an app (having 3 menu items, and 4 sub-menu items for Menu Item #2) with SAB 6.0, the Menu item images which used to show up along with the Menu Item Title and Sub-title is not showing. But the Menu Item image is showing for Menu Item #2 which has sub-menu items.

I then tried updating another app with 4 menu items with SAB 6.0, but menu item images were not showing up in Contents Menu screen.

So I assume it is a bug with SAB 6.0 update.

I am also having a problem with images in the contents menu with 6.0. My first image doesn’t display.

Yes, sorry, these contents menu issues are fixed in the upcoming SAB 6.0.1.

I am having issues with the Menu creation. When I add an item the first screen asks what is the target.

If I choose a Screen from the list that is active (like above) and click Next the radio Another menu screen is not set. So when I go back to it it looks like this:

The target is not set as I expected it to be.

The Screen list should be inactive until I choose the Another menu screen radio button.

Or choosing a screen should set that radio setting.

Clicking on either radio causes the other menu items to go inactive, But the initial radio setting does not make the Screens list inactive.

I have tried to get images to not show in the menu but they are showing. I might need some of your projects to look at.