SAB Viewer tab in book view does not display

The Viewer tab does not display but View in Browser works fine. Found in 8.6, checked again in 8.6.5, and still has the same behavior. Verified on Bill Dyck’s machine also.

Tried to send in a bug report and got this message: Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator by another method.

My guess is that you have Amazon Corretto installed and not the recommended Azul Zulu. See:

@LloydG: What platform are you on?

With 8.6.x, we include the JRE with the Windows app (we have always included the JRE with the Mac app).


Yes, like Chris says, in Windows or Mac, with the latest versions SAB there should no longer be any problem displaying the Viewers (for books and About) since the relevant display components are packaged in the installation. It is not related to which JDK you have installed.

Does it work with other books? In the image above, it is showing blank for Chapter 1. Do you have a chapter 1 or is all the content in the introduction (chapter 0)?

Chris, I’m running Windows 10

Richard, none of the books are displaying in the viewer, but the books display correctly in View in Browser.

I checked and I do have Amazon Corretto installed. I’ll uninstall it and install Azul Zulu.