SAB8 Android app hangs after splash screen if data connection is down

I pulled out my phone to demo the app I’m working on, and after the splash screen finished, the app hung with a white screen like this:

When I got home, it worked fine. The difference is that then I was on wi-fi. If the phone is in airplane mode (mobile data is turned off), there is no problem. The problem occurs when the phone thinks it is connected, but it’s not actually reaching the Internet.

My mobile data connection is currently dodgy. You can see at the top of the screen that it shows LTE is connected, but there is a small X under the reception bars. Sometimes, after a minute or so, the app comes out from being hung. Other times it doesn’t. Perhaps this is related to my mobile connection working for a brief moment.

At first I suspected the problem was related to changing from download to streaming, but I rebuilt the app with download only, and it still didn’t work. It doesn’t seem to matter whether the page to be displayed is one with audio or not. The app does not use analytics.

The behavior is the same with SAB 8 or 8.0.1.

Further clarification: If mobile data is turned off and wi-fi is turned on and the wifi router is disconnected from the Internet, it hangs with the white screen for about 8-10 seconds. If wi-fi is turned off, it loads instantly without any delay.

What is it doing in that time? Could we provide a cancel button that will go away once it’s done doing whatever that is?

I’ve tested this with multiple devices. One older device didn’t hang. Also, it’s apparently not new to SAB 8. My app built with SAB 7 does the same thing.

The problem persisted in SAB 8.0.1. I tried on multiple devices, in most cases it works but on some devices it still hangs and nothing will be seen except white screen.

@mcquayi, I tested this with the new SAB 8.1. The problem is still present.

I have tested too. The problem persisted. In some devices Go to setting >>Apps >> XYZ app>> Permission >> Turning on Phone and Storage Permissions will solve the problem. On some devices this procedure even couldn’t solve it.

We need help developers!

It might be that this is related to this problem, in which case it has been fixed for the next version.

Otherwise, sorry, I have been unable to reproduce the problem so far. I have tried using a WiFi connection which has run out of internet credit and I do not get the white screen.

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