SAM 5.1 MAC - problem Adding Images

I want to renew my images, so I deleted all of them from SAB illustration tab and moved them to a different folder for backup. Then I wanted to import new images though with the same names. When doing that, I see images in the left column which do not represent the images I imported. It can happen that preview A appears several times for different images … it is very strange and I cannot find a reason for this.
Maybe I had this before and was able to solve it, but I can’t remember …
please help … are just on the point of publishing an other app …

I am away from my Mac for this week. The other support guy has not got his Mac yet. I’ll test next week.

I have been able to solve this issue. But I am not sure what really was the cause … maybe the way I prepared some of the illustrations

Good news. Thanks for letting me know.