Sample SAB apps with video?

Does anyone have a sample SAB app with embedded video that I can use to demo this features for others?

Thanks for any help you can offer!

Here is a SFM source that I built as a demo for someone who knew HTML.

I had to enable analytics so that the app had Internet access. Though I did not add analytics.

\id video
\h Videos
\mt1 this is like html h1
\mt2 is like htl h2
\s This is like html h3 sort of.
\p This paragraph tells you what the video is about.

I am assuming you are setup to build apps.


we have published an app with videos and it is quite successful actually.

Hope that helps. Videos can only be watched in portrait orientation. There was still a bug in landscape (screen turns black). I hope that it gets fixed in the next update of SAB.


It is very nice to have a finger point to teach people where to click. This is the best video demo I have seen. Created with Adobe Premier and a special plugin by one of our kalaam friends.

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How do you include a video in SAB like you did. I could not find this in the SAB documentation?

Hi, yes it’s not yet official although Richard introduced it at EMDC. You can add an sfm marker like this:

\video followed by the Youtube link. I formatted the Youtube link like this:

The “?rel=0” ending prevents the video from displaying recommendations after the clip has finished playing.

In Word files, use VIDEO: and then the web address of the video:

Sorry not to have gotten back to you to say thanks for this code snippet. Much appreciated. I was looking for finished products, but having this is helpful for my own work. Haven’t had a chance yet to try it out, but I hope to soon.

That is a pretty slick video ad for the app. Nice! I wonder if they would share their project file for that. It would be neat to be able to customize that for other apps. I’ve heard from a few app builders now who are disappointed in their download numbers. I think effective promotion (or lack thereof) has something to do with that. A nice video could certainly help. Thanks for sharing!

Yes this video might help, although making one is expensive. The Mobi plugin for
is $53, plus you have to have Adobe aftereffects and have some fluency with it.

We are also trying to promote our app with a FB page

We now have 870 followers, but not all have installed the app. We put short segments from J film, and verse posters for posts 3 times a week. We have made FB ads and that has helped get followers.

Here is more about FB pages/ads


Hello @BrianJames,

Here is a sample app which you could use to demo - Malayalam Bible with Gospel Films and Audio Bible

Thanks for this great example. I really appreciate seeing how you’ve incorporated three separate ways to access the Scripture in one app.
Quick question: what software did you use to generate the app icon? It looks like you took the flat image you used for your splash screen and generated it from that.
Also, where did you get your yearly reading plan from?

Hello @Andrew_Shafe, We used Adobe Photoshop to create the app icon. Both spalsh screen and app icon were manually designed (colors, fonts etc. remains the same).

We adapted the Reading plan from Bill Dyck. You may download it here.!AgxBbRiW8OREhdM2t-2j65iX3txQVQ
You may refer to this post (Daily Scripture reading plan?) for more details.

Thanks, Joshy! Really appreciate the great example app for us to consider.

Here’s a new promo video we did recently to demo the features of SAB app.

(based on this Adobe Aftereffects template)

Well done. The link to the template is the real bonus.