Save and Merge HearThis pack resulted in old version of audio

A co-worker had recorded a book of the Bible twice, one old version and then again with updated text and better sound equipment. She saved a HearThis pack and then uploaded it to Google Drive. I downloaded it and used Merge to import it into my computer’s HearThis. However, all I can hear is the old version. When she listens on her computer, it’s the new version. Are we doing something wrong?

This is not a feature I have worked on or played with. I see that it spells out that for the merge to work correctly, you need to have the exact same version of the project (i.e., the text) as existed on the other computer when the HearThis Pack was created. However, looking at the code, I strongly suspect that the actual problem is that a data migration step caused some of your files – not the actual recordings, but the .info files) to be updated, giving them a more recent date/time stamp. According to the program logic, this will cause the merge to keep your files instead of the ones being imported. I would probably need to discuss this with the original developer, but my initial guess is that we can simply avoid checking the date on the .info files. At least under most normal circumstances, other than during a data migration, modifications to the .info file will be accompanied by updated recordings. (I know there are some other exceptions to this, however, so we probably need to analyze this more carefully. I don’t see us having any kind of concrete resolution before Christmas break. If this is urgent, I might be able to suggest a workaround, as long as you definitely want all of her data and can safely discard all of yours.

Hi Tom,

Thanks for exploring this issue with me.

Perhaps if I give you a few more details about the situation it may help:

I did not start with having all the old recordings for the book on my machine. I had recordings of only a few of the approximately 60 chapters that were imported/merged.

I can give you access to the HearThis pack she sent me so you can examine the data present there if you like and are able.

It is not imperative that it must be resolved before Christmas. I do know that I want all of her data for one book, but I am not sure whether I want whatever data she might have for other books, as I am not sure whether she has the most up-to-date recordings for other books. She is not the only one who has done recordings.

Thank you again for your help. Please let me know if there is any other information that would be helpful for you to have.

I hope I misunderstood you, but it sounds like you’re saying that as a result of importing the HearThisPack, you ended up with some old recordings that you did not previously have. If that is the case, then perhaps (I hope!) she shared an old HearThisPack. HearThis does not hold onto old recordings at all, so I can’t think of any way a newly created HearThisPack could end up with old recordings. (I’d need to look at the code to be 100% sure, but I believe a HearThisPack is created from scratch each time, based on whatever files are currently on the computer where it is being created.)
It might be helpful if you could share the HearThisPack with me. I’d probably also need to know the approximate timeframe during which both the old recordings and the new recordings were made. Also, if you could give me just one example of one of the old recordings (book name, chapter number, and the WAV file itself) from your computer, I could easily compare to see where the corresponding file in the HearThisPack contained that same wav file or something else. Finally, if you could either make me an observer on your Paratext project (if this is a project that is based on a live Paratext project) or else send me the glyssenscript or Text Release Bundle (if this project is based on one of those), then I can test a few things out and probably at least give you a good way to get that one book updated, so at least you won’t be dead in the water.

Unfortunately, you have not misunderstood me… :confused:
I don’t believe she had ever made a HearThis pack before. I hope somehow this was the case that she sent an old one, but I don’t think so.
I will definitely share the HearThis pack with you.

Update to this issue: looking for how her data may have been lost previous to creating the HearThis pack when she migrated from her old laptop to her new one.