Screenshot Generator Tools for Play/App Store

I’m working on improving our app store optimization and am looking for recommendations of tools that any of you use to create those “fancy” screenshots for the Play Store and App Store. Google search lists some “free” options such as “AppLaunchPad”, “Panabee”, and “Previewed”

Also curious about any app store optimization tips and tricks.

I use Vysor (icon is image ). The free version puts up an ad every 15 minutes of usage, which is easily dismissed. But I find it works well for capturing screen images of apps in use in an attached Android device.

Volume down + Power button at the same time?
You shouldn’t have to install an app. Just search for the built in screenshot shortcut for your device.

FYI I am using an emulator (Bluestacks) to test and it has a button just for screenshots.

Vysor also has a “picture” option. Clicking the options at the top of the screen allow you to take stills or short motion clips. Then it asks where to save the media. It works so well and is so easy to use that I switched to that from Android Studio app.

I didn’t realise Vysor was also an emulator.

Get Vysor here

I’m not referring to actually capturing screenshots. I know how to do that (but ironically, doing an iOS screenshot results in a screenshot that doesn’t match what the required/expected resolution for the App Store)

I should have provided an example. Here is an example from the Youversion Bible app. I’ve seen many apps that have these type of app store graphics which are screenshots with annotations/enhancements.

The screenshots that Simulator does for iPads fits the App Store preview requirements for iPads, I didn’t try it for iPhones but it would probably work.
On the iPad section in the App Store I just added pure screenshots, for the iPhone section I made something like the YouVersion ones above.
I used the app Screener to put the screenshots in the iPhone frame.
I then used Publisher. I found it easy to make several similar pages by duplicating, then just changing the background colour, adding a new screenshot to the page, then ‘swapping’ the old with the new. This way the new screenshot ends up the same size and in the same place as the previous. I’d be happy to share the file with you. In publisher I made the page size fit in terms of aspect ratio, but after exporting as jpg I used another app to resize to the exact dimensions.
Apple rejected the png files I uploaded because they detected ‘transparency’ even though there was none, Screener exported the framed screenshot with a transparent background but I then put it on a coloured background.
You can see the pictures I made here:
‎Pertukekem on the App Store (

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The author of the Sylheti Kitab app uses the service AppScreens. Take a look at the screenshots. Very nice.

Pricing: $19 for 30-day access, $48 for year subscription.

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Thanks for the example of Sylheti Kitab app - the App Store listing (at least the English version) is very visually appealing and well done. I like how they have the description with headings of “Read”, “Listen”, “Watch”, and “Share” match the screenshots.

And thanks for pointing out AppScreens - looks like a really nice tool that would be worth it for either price point.

I am wondering if you could recommend an emulator or way to get Android tablet screenshots? I am trying to just post a new app to Google Play in Alpha testing phase and it is requiring multiple screenshots from a 7-inch tablet and a 10-inch tablet, which I do not have at my disposal.
I would prefer not to have to spend any money on it as this is not something I plan to need on a regular basis.

I don’t use an emulator, but I have used a couple of different screenshot generators. The one I’m currently using is AppScreens ( It will create sets of screenshots for both phones and tablets. There is a free version that allows you to just save one project, and also a paid version that allows you to save multiple projects if you are creating multiple apps.

Hope this helps.