Scripture App Builder 5.6 - Audio Sync Tab

I have installed Scripture App Builder 5.6 on Mac and Windows for testing.

On the Audio Sync Tab, in Windows I am unable to type the devanagari full stop (0964) and have it display correctly in the field (see image, you just see a box). This worked fine on Windows SAB 4.5, and works fine on Mac SAB v5.6.

I have verified the Annapurna SIL Nepal v1.204 font is installed on the computers and is added on the SAB font file tab. (I have duplicated on 2 laptops)

This seems to be a rendering issue in that edit box in SAB.

Did the parsing still works and separates phrases on that character?

For more clarity to you as the SAB app builder (as opposed to the app user) use the \u0964 form instead of the character.

Can you confirm that it was the same machine with SAB 4.5 that rendered it correctly?

I will write it up as a bug (though not a high priority). If it affected the app user that would be a higher priority.

It was the same machine as 4.5, and I have seen it on several windows machines. When I copy the text to a unicode inspection tool it showed the full stop code. So I think it should work ok, but have not verified. It makes it difficult for our partners who create SAB apps, who are not so familiar with unicode, etc. They rely on what they see to know what is happening,

Okay I have put more priority on it.

I too see tofu in the Audio Synchronization tab when using Khmer script.
Also in the Interface…Translation screen.
Also on multiple pages in the Contents Menu, Add Contents Item wizard.

Khmer text does show up OK in the Book Collection list.
The generated apps work fine regardless.

@EricP Thanks for that list of places where it is not working. That is a good to know.

The 6.0 version has a fix in for the initial bug. Can you check your list again after you install 6.0 and report back for each. Then I will create a new bug if any are not fixed.

6.0 may be out by tomorrow but unexpected things can delay that.

SAB 6.0 on Windows 10 1903; I still see only tofu in

  • App Name…Translations
  • Audio…Audio Synchronization…Phrase-ending characters
  • Interface…Translations
  • Features…Search…Specify the replacements…
  • Changes…
  • Changes…Add Change
  • Contents Menu…Contents Items and Screens
  • Contents Menu…Contents Items and Screens…Add Contents Item
  • Contents Menu…Contents Settings…Title
  • Books…Collection 1…Copyright & Licensing
  • Books…Collection 1…Characters

I see Khmer script, but complex script rendering doesn’t work in

  • Features…Search…Special Characters (though since this field is intended for entering single characters, it’s probably better as it is)
  • Books…Collection 1…Footer

Khmer script works OK in

  • Books…Collection 1…Book Collection (the names of the individual books are OK, but the Book Collection Name and Short Name show tofu)
  • Books…Collection 1…Audio Sync…Phrase-ending characters
  • Books…Collection 1…Ruth…Book Name & Abbreviation
  • Books…Collection 1…Ruth…Source (but the Viewer tab is blank)

Thanks for the feedback report.

I have updated our bug list linked to your information @EricP.

Devanagari “FullStop” displays correctly in the aeneas phrase field in v6.0 on Mac.

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