Scripture App Builder crashes on startup

We are in a workshop. One of our users is trying to use SAB v5.2 . It crashes upon startup. The others are running SAB just fine.
We all are using the same versions. The jdk version is 1.81. The sdk versions are as follows: tools 26.01, Build tools 28.0.3, Platform tools 28.0.1 and API is Android 9.0. he is running Windows 10 on a HP laptop. Does anyone know what is causing the problem and how to fix it?

So SAB on a Win PC is crashing when you try and start it.
SAB itself runs under a JRE. What Java JREs are installed?

Does SAB start from the sab.bat? If you open a command prompt where sab.bat is and run it there what does it tell you?

When you do where java what do you get?
When you do java -version what do you get?

Have you uninstalled Java versions and reinstalled Java and SAB

We were able to figure it out eventually. It turned out to be a java issue. The default program for jar extension was not set to Java ™ Platform SE Binary, as it needed to be.

So it would have started with the sab.bat?