Scripture App Builder output

i use SAB version 6.2.2 when i build android App, there are four apk file, i cannot install in my sumsung android phone, the four output file are [Chorei_NT_Bible-1.0-arm.apk, Chorei_NT_Bible-1.0-arm64.apk, Chorei_NT_Bible-1.0-x86.apk, Chorei_NT_Bible-1.0-x86_64.apk]

Unless it is a very old Samsung then it is most likely an ARM64 device. So choose that one.

Though one of my devices is ARM64 but installs the ARM version.

In the current versions you only get 4 outputs if you choose Grandroid or Crosswalk.

However in the 7.0 version coming out this week you will get 4 versions even without choosing Grandroid or Crosswalk.