Scripture App Icons

A while ago, I made up some app icons (actually just one, but with different colour gradients). I’m happy to make these available here to anyone who would like to use them for their Bible apps. Here’s what they look like:

My thinking was that it would be nice if the word “Bible” was displayed on the icon itself so that the app name which is displayed under the icon could be merely the language name. This can be practical in the case of some very long language names out there.

Of course the word Bible only works for a limited number of languages (English and French is all I can think of). If you are interested in it, I could customize the word “Bible” to work for your language.

Here’s the link to the App Icons themselves:

Here is a link to Navigation Drawer Images that match each app icon:

Lastly, I played around with color scheme selections in SAB to try to get good matching colors for these app icons and navigation images. Here is what I found worked well:

Icon_blue-mdpi app color scheme = Royal Blue

Icon_gold-mdpi app color scheme = Lime; PrimaryColor changed to HEX #95831E

Icon_red-mdpi app color scheme = Dark Red

Icon_orange-mdpi app color scheme = Deep Orange

Icon_green-mdpi app color scheme = Pakistan Green

Icon_lightblue-mdpi app color scheme = Light Blue