Scripture references - display of a whole single chapter in a pop-up; and, marking Scripture references in footnotes and glossary entries

With SAB 4.6.1, when a Scripture reference was selected that indicated only the chapter, not the verses, the entire chapter was displayed in the pop-up window that opened. The user could select additional links within the pop-up, and then select the back-arrow to sequence back through all the selections. We found this to be useful. But beginning with SAB 4.7, only a link is provided that will open the chapter in the main window. We would like to see the previous capability, to open the entire chapter in the pop-up window, if possible. (I opened a topic on this last September, hoping it might be addressed in SAB 5.0; I have not heard back otherwise.)

Also, through SAB 4.7.1, Scripture references within the glossary became links when the app was complied. Beginning with 5.0, that is no longer the case, but all links apparently will need to be manually marked using \xt…\xt* (as we also need to do with Scripture references in footnotes). If the capability to mark Scripture references in the glossary upon compile could be restored, it would be very helpful (we likely have hundreds); and if the same could be true in FNs, that would be helpful too. Thank you.

This is on the bug todo list.


I would like to know if this issue is fixed now. The problem I am referring to is that when there is a list of references to whole chapters without verse numbers (eg., Psa. 9; 15; 20), only the first link to Psa. 9 works and the others (ie., Psa. 15; 20) do not work. We do have \xt … \xt* markers put in (\xt Psa. 9; 15; 20\xt*). In Paratext these links do work fine. But they are not coming through in SAB except for the link to the first reference.

Thank you.

Another issue I want to mention here related to reference to whole chapters is when the whole chapters are called for (eg., Psa. 1-5), only the first chapter is displayed on a pop-up window. Is it possible to have all the referenced chapters to be displayed in the pop-up window?

Thank you.

In the main display you can only see one chapter at a time. A whole chapter is a lot to see in a popup box.