Scrolling direction in two pane app

I’m working on an app where a Greek–>Vernacular interlinear is in the top pane of an app, and the vernacular translation is in the bottom pane.

The vernacular language is RTL. As a result, the ‘correct’ direction for swiping left and right is left-to go forward in a book (higher numbers), and right-to go backwards (lower numbers). If the vernacular stands alone, this works great.

However, when the interlinear is added as the top pane and the Greek base text is set LTR, swiping in that pane works in the traditional LTR orientation, not the direction we want it to be.

Changing the Book Collection, Text Direction to Right to Left fixes the swiping problem, but causes other problems. Even if I later try to correct for those problems by doing things like overriding the alignment for the \p style, there are still issues like punctuation falling on the wrong sides of words.

Is there any way to fix this, where the Greek pane is mostly LTR but where the swiping direction is “backwards”?

Here’s a video that might help:

Alternatively, ask the same question on the SAB community site :slight_smile:

Oops. Okay, I’ve switched forums (and we’ll see if just editing the meta data with reposting works).