SDK installation improvements

Why does the SDK installation download and install the command line utilities, and then ask you click another install button to install the rest? Couldn’t it just continue on with the installation automatically? It wasn’t immediately obvious to me that it wasn’t asking AGAIN to download and install the command line utilities. Could you make the message on that second dialog more clear, like:
“You have successfully downloaded and installed the SDK command line utilities. Click the button below to download and install the other modules required.”
Or just continue automatically. I had clicked Cancel. I was eventually able to navigate the dialogs (don’t download, no .zip file) to get it to download the rest, but it was a bit clunky.

I just thought I’d elaborate on this a little bit. You may be wondering why I wasn’t smart enough to click that second download button. There’s actually a reason…

This installation was initially being done by another person. And he did the SDK installation BEFORE the JDK installation. My guess is that the JDK is used to download and install the other parts of the SDK (after the command line utilities are downloaded and unpacked). So when he installed the SDK, it would get cmdline, but not make it any further. So you clicked to install SDK, it would download, then present you with another download button. And every time that you clicked on that button, it downloaded another copy of the SDK. So on the computer we had C:\sdk, C:\sdk2, C:\sdk3, etc. So when I realized that he didn’t have the JDK, I cleared out everything, installed the JDK, then installed the SDK… and it gave me that dratted download button again! But if I had looked closely, I believe it said to download the other modules, not the SDK again, so I think it would have worked. But I just assumed it wanted to download yet another copy of the cmdline tools.

Anyway, that’s just a bit of the rationale for why I think some sort of change here would be an improvement to the UI.