Search crashes the Android 4.1 build

I would like to alert that a search in the Android 4.1 build causes the app to crash. It happens in both English as well as the custom language. But, the iOS 4.1 build seems to be fine.



We can’t reproduce your search crash in Android. Can you make the app and or project available?


I have a copy of your project from a previous issue. I don’t know how much has changed. I was able to build and load the app onto a simulator and real device and run a search. Is there a specific device / version of Android that it is crashing on? Have you tried it on multiple devices?


Hello Chris,

I have run a new build from SAB 4.2 and tested it on 3 devices. The search crashes on Galaxy Note 4 (6.0.1) and Galaxy J7 (Android ver. 7.0; Samsung exp. ver. 8.1). But it does NOT crash on Galaxy S8 Plus (Android ver. 7.0; Samsung experience version 8.1). So far I have tested only on these 3 devices. I have sent you an email with the apk file.

This search crash does not happen on iPhone S7 Plus (iOS 11.2.1) from a SAB 4.2 build.

Thank you very much for your help!