Search crashes the app on Android 4 and 5

It appears to me that all apps built with the latest SAB versions crash on Android 4 and 5 whenever the Search is selected. Not a lot of people use Android 4 and 5 anymore, but still it would be good if this can be fixed soon. Thanks!

@Friedo I tested on my 4.4.2 phone and it does not crash with a search. I tested with a English text (Latin script), though I expect you are in a different script. I have another version 4 to test with but no version 5 to try.

Can you make a project of yours available for testing? Send me a link via private message or email.

The test on the 4.4.4 version did cause a crash. This was a Huawei brand. The one that worked was a Lenovo.

@mcquayi Thanks for looking at it! So you may not need a project from me then? I have the problem on a Sony with Android 5.0 and also on Nox Player, for example in emulator Samsung Galaxy S9 (Android 5) and emulator Google Pixel 2 (Android 4). It seems to be independent of the Script that is used in the app, I happens with Latin and with Cyrillic Script.
Google also shows some crash reports in the developer account in the “Pre Launch Report” section. Four different crashes and three of them on Android 4 or 5. I could send you the information that they show there. Just not sure if it’s related to this particular issue…

I debugged into it. We are calling an API that was made available in API 23 (Android 6.0). I contacted @richard to find out how to work around this.